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"Carl Meadows with ETC Incentives & Conferences, Inc. (ETCic) travel company, convinced me in 1984 that I could increase my sales, inspire my sales people to excel and build customer loyalty at the same time by offering an annual incentive travel trip to my customers. Carl’s proposition seemed logical and so we put together our first Tindell’s Builder Supply program to Acapulco, Mexico in 1984 and it was a great success. 

Since then, Tindell's have taken their customers and spouses on an annual vacation to some of the most exciting destinations around the world; England, Greece, Spain, New Zealand and Australia, France, Austria and Hungary to mention a few. These are places that most of my customers would have never ventured to on their own. I take great pleasure in knowing that Tindell’s has provided the opportunity for our customer’s travel and experience the world and these destinations first hand and, not to mention, in style. 

ETCic works with Tindell’s on a very personal basis to produce an annual incentive trip that is a "win-win" program for both Tindell’s and our customers. They do it for me and they will do it for you also. Do yourself a favor and let ETCic show you how to develop a “win-win” travel program for your company. You will be very happy that you did. " 

Carl Tindell, C.E.O.
Tindell’s Builder Supply

"As the former President and CEO of Roper Brothers Lumber Company, I wanted to develop a cost effective incentive travel program for our company. We worked with ETC Incentives & Conferences, Inc. (ETCic) to help us create the incentive travel plan that we were looking for. ETCic always came through for us by developing innovative programs that met our objectives of motivating our sales team and rewarding our customers for their loyalty while strengthening our relationships with our customers at the same time. 

ETCic helped us select travel destinations that met the financial budgets established, while finding sites that were inspiring to both our sales team and customers. Relying on their professional experience, our customers visited the exciting destinations of Greece, France, Monte Carlo, and a Mediterranean cruise, as well as the leisure destinations of Mexico’s Mayan Rivera and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. ETCic found a way to delight and satisfy our customers with every destination. 

For a guaranteed successful incentive program, you can trust ETC Incentives & Conferences to rise to the occasion!" 

John Farrar, President and CEO
Roper Lumber Company

"After being a participant on several incentive travel trips myself, I realized first-hand the benefits of these trips and came to the conclusion that a customized incentive travel program for my company would be a good marketing tool to build customer loyalty and increase revenue. After contacting a few of my fellow building materials associates who already had incentive travel programs in place, I was referred to ETC Incentives & Conferences. I contacted ETC Incentives & Conferences back in 2003 and, as they say, "the rest is history." 

Since then, ETC Incentives & Conferences have provided an annual trip for my customers to exciting, fun places around the world…places that many of our customers might have never traveled to on their own. As a client of ETC Incentives & Conferences, you can be sure that they will work hand-in-hand with you to develop the perfect trip for you and your customers." 

William Stewart, President
Stewart Builder Supply

"I started an incentive travel program for my company in 2001. My hope was to create a program that would grow my business and enhance our relationships with our customers. We struggled for a few years not really accomplishing what we set out to do. Very frustrated, a business associate told me about ETC Incentives & Conferences. I contacted Carl Meadows and he flew out to meet with me. I was so impressed by him that we booked our next trip right then and there. 

Since that first meeting our incentive travel program has become our most effective marketing tool. ETC Incentives & Conferences have done an outstanding job. Since partnering with them our program has grown the way we had hoped. Their knowledge and professionalism is quite evident, from the destinations they choose, to the flawless planning and to their ability to take any problem or bad situation and make it disappear. They have helped us create with our customers, trips that are talked about by our entire industry. 

ETC Incentives & Conferences have become part of our family and I can’t imagine going on any trip anywhere without them. If you are considering an incentive travel program, I can promise you it will be the most successful marketing tool you will ever use if you allow professionals to handle it for you. ETC Incentives & Conferences are fantastic!!!!" 

Scott Gandy, President
Kempsville Building Materials

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