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NOTE: Carl and Anne Meadows have handled the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers – Nuclear & Space Radiation Effects Conference (IEEE-NSREC) since 1989 and the Hardened Electronics and Radiation Technology (HEART) Conference since 2003. The following testimonials from these two conferences are just a few presented for your consideration.

"I first met Anne and Carl Meadows in1991at an IEEE Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference (NSREC) that they were supporting in New Orleans, LA. The conference, generally hosts about 500 persons (900 to 1,000 including spouses) and until then, had been run by volunteers in a rather ad-hoc manner. I could not believe the difference between prior conferences and the 1991 meeting – Carl and Anne had literally brought order from what had been madness. In addition, they accomplished this in a non-intrusive and totally relaxed manner that left everyone satisfied and greatly enhanced the entire event. I was sold on them and when I became involved with another technology conference, denoted as the Hardened Electronics and Radiation Technology (HEART) meeting, I urged the Steering committee to give them a try. We were not disappointed and a decision to retain their services for all future meetings was quickly adopted. In addition, I have worked closely with them in 2003 when I was the Chair of the HEART Conference, again in 2007 as Treasurer for the NSREC and in 2009 as Technical Chair for that years NSREC and have never been disappointed with their work. They truly dedicate themselves to each event and can be counted on without reservation."

Lew Cohen / Government Program Manager
2003 HEART Conference Chairman

"I met Carl and Anne Meadows in 1989 and have used their services for Aeroflex Colorado Springs and Aeroflex Corporate events such as sales and board meetings. Carl and Anne Meadows also assisted Aeroflex on the Core Technologies Conference registration and planning for 3 years and also on several IEEE and Aerospace Conferences that I serve. Aeroflex has contracted with Carl and Anne Meadows for events through 2012. I can’t say enough about their attention to detail, knowledge, negotiation skills and friendly attitude. They take the burden off my shoulders so I can network with my customers!"

For a guaranteed successful incentive program you can trust Carl and Anne Meadows to rise to the occasion!"

Theresa Farris
Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions / Marketing Communications Manager

"After deciding that I wanted to start a professional eye care conference for my fellow optometrists, Carl and Anne worked closely with me to conceive and establish my SeaVision Seminars at Sea company. As we traveled around the world with my groups, Carl and Anne traveled with us as our escorts and would see to it that the conference ran smoothly and that if any problems arose they were taken care of immediately. You can be confident that your conference or meeting will be a success if the Meadows are on your team."

Dr. John Schachet, OD
SeaVision Conferences, Inc.

"I started working with Anne and Carl Meadows more than fifteen years ago through my involvement in the IEEE Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference (NSREC). When I was asked to chair NSREC in 1999, one of my first actions was to ask Anne and Carl to work with me to organize the conference. Having complete confidence in the work of Anne, Carl, and the rest of the Conferences staff gave me the confidence to take on the job. In addition to doing the job efficiently, they also made organizing the conference a fun and pleasant experience.

I was absolutely delighted by their work and they contributed greatly to the success of the conference. I have continued to work with them on NSREC since that conference and I have found them to be great resources in a wide variety of situations, always coming through when needed. They are absolutely first rate!"

Ron Schrimpf / Orrin Henry Ingram Professor of Engineering, Vanderbilt University
1999 IEEE NSREC Conference

"I first met Anne and Carl Meadows in 1989 when they took on the daunting task of performing the registration for the annual IEEE Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference held in Marco Island, Florida, in July. The technical attendance that year was 758 with well over 1000 total attendees counting families. At that time Anne and Carl ran Exclusive Travel Center out of Naples, Florida, which moved to Colorado. My wife and I quickly became friends with Anne and Carl, not only because they do such an outstanding job of running the registration and helping with local arrangements, but because they are such delightful people to be around. Carl and Anne Meadows have provided the registration for this conference nearly every year since 1989.

When I was the Conference Chairman in 2000, I depended on Anne and Carl to advise me on the site, as well as work with our local arrangements chairman on venues for the attendee guests. We looked at many sites and settled on the Silver Legacy in Reno. Through her negotiating skills Anne got us excellent rates as well as breaks on food and beverage. Anne and Carl are extremely efficient, thorough, creative and helpful. They have a great staff whom we look forward to visiting with each year."

Ron Pease, President / RLP Research
2000 IEEE NSREC Conference Chairman

"I have had the great fortune to work with Anne and Carl Meadows in conjunction with the NSREC and HEART Conferences for many years. Their combination of attention to detail and overall level of support provided, always in a relaxed constructive environment, is without match in my experience. I have worked with them extensively as Chair of the HEART Steering Committee, and also as Radiation Effects Data Workshop Chair (1997) and Technical Chair (2002) at NSREC.

However, as General Chair of the 2008 HEART Conference, their outstanding support increased my confidence in the team decisions in nearly every aspect of the planning and execution of the conference. Their detailed knowledge of the Convention trade, and outstanding ability to keep a handle on the chaos that can easily overcome a Conference Committee are a fantastic asset for any meeting.

Anne and Carl are valued colleagues and friends who I am happy to recommend most highly for any form of meeting support."

Tom Turflinger / NSWC Crane
2008 HEART Conference Chairman

"I met Carl and Anne Meadows when they were handling local arrangements and registration activities for the 1989 IEEE NSREC. That was their first involvement with our annual conference. Based on my observations of how well they were performing in 1989 and on feedback from others, I decided to hire them for the 1990 NSREC. They did an outstanding job.

Our professional group has continued to use their services for the past 20 years. Carl and Anne have contributed significantly to our success. They give close attention to all aspects of convention planning and are very delightful people to work with. I highly recommend them and their company for conference and meeting planning."

Joe Srour / The Aerospace Corp.
1990 IEEE NSREC Conference Chairman

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